Hello! My name is Alexei Milkov.
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You may track my life in CV. Here are the main facts about me:

- BSc and MSc degrees in Petroleum Geology from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia.
- PhD degree in Geology from Texas A&M University, USA.
- Worked for several oil&gas companies (BP, Sasol, Murphy Oil) and research organizations (VNIIOkeangeologia, Geochemical and Environmental Research Group at Texas A&M University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution).
- Served as Adjunct Professor at the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University where I taught "Introduction to Petroleum Systems".
- Published 125 papers and abstracts.
I am a petroleum geoscientist experienced in exploration management, assurance, new ventures, organic geochemistry and numerical basin modeling. I apply my skills to find, appraise and produce oil and gas.

My research interests encompass:
mud volcanoes
gas hydrates
- geological emissions of methane
- reservoir compartmentalization and surveillance
- methanogenic biodegradation
- oil spill fingerprinting
- petroleum systems analysis
- geological risks / Probability of Success
- volumetrics of conventional and unconventional petroleum resources
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Media articles featuring my research and views:
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